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Peak Bluetooth 1.2 Headset £24.68 £29.00
Peak Bluetooth Headset
  • Operating Frequency: 2.4000~2.4835 GHz
  • Security: Digital Encryption
  • Operating Range: Up to 10 Meters
  • Max. Pairing Device: 3 Simultaneously
  • Bluetooth Profiles: Headset & Handsfree Supported
  • Effective Distance: Up to 10 m (30 feet) in Open Space
  • Battery Charging Time: Rechargeable Battery with Approx. 2 Hours Charge Time
  • Stand-By Time: 220 Hours After Fully Charged
  • Talking Time: 8 Hours After Fully Charged Battery
  • Weight: 21.0g
  • Dimension: 81 x 68 x 27 mm
  • LED Indicator: Blue, Red and Purple
  • Safety Certification: CE, FCC
  • Compatibility Certification: BQB
Mustek Personal Media Center PVR-H140 £177.87 £209.00

Mustek PVR-H140The Mustek Personal Media Center PVR-H140 includes a 40Gb Hard Disk Drive, a 3.6" TFT Screen, A/V Sockets, Speaker and Microphone. It supports several video and order formats and includes the following features:
Digital Video Player
Digital Video Recorder
Digital Photo Player
Music Player
USB Pocket Drive
SD/MMC Card Reader
Digital Voice Recorder
Mustek Personal Media Center PVR-A1 £67.23 £79.00
Mustek PVR-A1The Mustek Personal Media Center PVR-A1 includes 32Mb of Internal Memory with support for 512Mb Memory Sticks, a 2.5" TFT Screen, A/V Sockets, Speaker, Microphone and Headset. It supports several video and order formats and includes the following features:
Digital Video Player
Digital Video Recorder
Digital Photo Player
Digital Voice Recorder
MP3 Player
Lauguage Learning Player
USB Pocket Drive
SD/MMC Card Reader
Antec Illuminated Desktop Fan £12.00 £14.10
Antec Illuminated Desktop FanExternal USB Powered Fan
Includes a USB Pass Through Connector and Red/Green/Blue LEDs
Smartdisk PowerPlay Pro Presentation Remote £40.00 £47.00
Smartdisk PowerPlay ProFor presentations, PowerPlay is a must have. Now you can advance your slides and feature items of interest using the handy built-in laser pointer from up to 33 feet (10 m) away! For the ultimate in portability, leave your laptop and just take PowerPoint Pro for your next presentation. You’ll have everything you need on-hand and you can also include other files on the flash memory for reference.
  • Compact remote control for any computer from up to 33 ft. (10 m) away
  • No installation* required - just plug-in and use
  • Includes laser pointer
  • Includes 32MB of flash memory
  • Uses ISM radio band (line-of-sight between remote and computer not required)
  • Supports Win 98SE*, 2000, ME, XP or Mac OS 8.6 - 9.x, Mac OS X 10.1 or higher
Netgear MP101 Wireless Digital Music Player £85.10 £99.99
Netgear MP101Liberate Your Digital Music and Listen Anywhere at Home
Finally, you can enjoy your digital music files and unlimited, worldwide Internet radio, together with your friends and family, in any room of your home. NETGEAR's Wireless Digital Music Player connects your existing home stereo to your home computer network so you can listen to your MP3 and Windows Media® format digital music files ­ with the great sound quality of your stereo speakers ­ wherever you like to relax and entertain. You can also listen to thousands of streaming Internet radio stations for music, sports and news from around the world. The Wireless Digital Music Player is compatible with your 802.11b or 802.11g wireless network, and it’s very simple to set up and use. Easy-to-install software automatically finds all your music files by title, artist, album, genre or playlist on any networked PC. It then collects them into one complete database so you don’t have to do the work. Sit back and put your feet up ­ remote control and a crystal clear, four-line display let you select music without even getting out of your chair.

Everywhere You Are
Listen to your MP3s and Windows Media format digital music files and stream Internet radio in the comfort of your living room, away from your PC. With multiple NETGEAR Digital Music Players, you can enjoy music throughout your home, for “whole-home digital audio.”

Easy as 1, 2, 3
Connect the cable to your stereo, install the software on one networked PC, and you’re ready to listen! The NETGEAR Wireless Digital Music Player’s media server software automatically finds all the MP3 and Windows Media® format digital music files stored on any networked PC in your home, and the NETGEAR media server software recognizes your existing organization by title, artist, album, genre, and playlist to suit any mood.

Crystal Clear
Hear your music at its best! Enjoy 100% digital, high-quality sound through your existing stereo, boom box, headphones, or powered speakers.

Fully Equipped
Protected with hardware-based Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) 64-bit & 128-bit encryption security. Remote functionality means you can easily browse and program your music from across the room without leaving the comfort of your couch. Gives you remote access to your NETGEAR Wireless Digital Music Player with PC or PDA web interface.
D-Link DSM-320 Wireless Media Player £126.81 £149.00
D-Link DSM-300 Wireless Media PlayerThe D-Link DSM-320 Wireless Media Player unites your network with your home entertainment center, allowing you to share, access, and enjoy your digital media - whether it is music, videos, or photos - in the comfort of your living room. The DSM-320 supports 802.11g wireless standards with transfer speeds up to 54Mbps, giving you maximum throughput for your digital media. Setting up the DSM-320 Wireless Media Player is simple, and the sleek design makes it a natural addition to your home entertainment center. Audio Video (AV) jacks on the back panel of the DSM-320 can be plugged directly into your TV, letting you access digital media content stored on your PC, browse your music files, watch your videos, and display your photos. In addition, the DSM-320 lets you access online media contents such as Radio@AOL on your TV through an existing broadband Internet connection. The DSM-320 adheres to the Universal Plug-&-Play AV specification, and complies with Intel Networked Media Product Requirements (INMPR), allowing it to communicate with other UPnP AV media devices seamlessly. The DSM-320 Wireless Media Player supports and streams virtually all audio, video, and image formats stored on your PC. With support for MP3, WMA and WAV audio files, listen to all of your music on your stereo. Watch your stored videos in MPEG1/2/4, AVI, QuickTime or Xvid format on your TV or enjoy slideshows of your favorite photos in JPEG, JPEG2000, TIFF, GIF, BMP or PNG formats. Better yet, it's easy to access all your media files through the TV Interface using the remote control included with the DSM-320. Experience your digital media like never before with the DSM-320 Wireless Media Player. The DSM-320 includes everything you need to instantly access and play your music, videos, and photos using your home entertainment center.

Key features:
  • Functionality: Digital audio playback, digital photo playback, digital video playback
  • Connectivity: Wireless, wired Connectivity
  • Protocols: IEEE 802.11b (Wi-Fi), IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.3 (Ethernet), IEEE 802.3u (Fast Ethernet)
  • Network Protocols Supported: TCP, HTTP, DHCP, IP
  • Supported Audio Standards: MP3, WMA, WAV
  • Supported Video Standards: MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, Xvid, QuickTime, AVI
  • Supported Pictures Standard: BMP, JPG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, JPEG2000
  • Encryption: 128-bit WEP
  • Analogue Video Standards: Composite video, S-Video, component video
D-Link DVC-1000 i2Eye VideoPhone £186.38 £219.00
D-Link DVC-1000The D-Link DVC-1000 i2eyeTM VideoPhone introduces the world of video conferencing over the Internet, to bring you and your family, friends and colleagues together. The D-Link DVC-1000 i2eyeTM VideoPhone introduces the world of video conferencing over the Internet, to bring you and your family, friends and colleagues together. Since the DVC- 1000 i2Eye VideoPhone is a stand-alone device, you do not need a computer to video conference over the Internet. The previously complicated process of conducting a video conference is simplified with the DVC-1000. Connect a standard telephone and a television to the DVC-1000, plug in a standard Ethernet network cable connected to your broadband Internet connection and you are ready to conduct real-time videoconferencing. Using advanced video compression technology, the DVC-1000 VideoPhone maximizes the image and audio quality within the available bandwidth. The DVC-1000 can send and receive video at up to a full 30 frames per second. It is an ideal solution for consumers and small businesses with high-speed Internet access.

Key features:
  • Stand-alone operation
  • Works with standard broadband internet access
  • High quality broadband video conferencing
  • Streaming video at up to 30 frames per second
  • Adjust tilt and focus lens
  • Picture in picture
  • Built-in microphone
  • Audio/video privacy
  • Up to 10 speed dial numbers
  • Easy configuration setup wizard
  • Remote control included
  • Can be used with a firewall
  • Web management interface
ICN 630 Car Antenna £28.00 £32.90
Navman ICN 510 £424.68 £499.00
NavMan ICN 510
The NEW Navman iCN 510 is a sleek, pocket sized, mobile GPS solution delivering outstanding performance, features and design. The iCN 510 encapsulates Navman style and quality in a compact system that delivers leading edge road navigation. With its contemporary style and precision build quality the iCN 510 offers an outstanding wireless navigation system you can use in-car or on foot. The distinct iCN 510 characteristics include a lightweight casing, sleek multi-directional GPS receiver, high-resolution touch-screen, responsive menu system and infra-red port for optional remote control. The iCN 510 is a complete 'Drive-Away™' solution because it is pre-loaded with the very latest regional maps for your country from TeleAtlas and is also pre-powered out of the box. You can just 'Buy, Walkout of the store and Drive-Away'. The iCN 510, driven by Navman SmartST™ V3 software, is packed with superb features including 3D map view, voice guidance, postcode search, Back-on-Track™ rerouting, 'Avoid Areas' so you can dodge the traffic 'hotspots' and customisable Points-of-interests. A new feature to SmartST™ V3 is 'Active POIs'. This function allows you to set an alarm to tell you when a particular POI is approaching and also allows you to navigate to your nearest one, e.g petrol station. Click here to see all Navman SmartST™ V3 features. The Navman iCN 510 is sold with SmartST™ V3 software, street-level mapping for the country of purchase and major road base maps for Western Europe. Street-level maps for additional countries can also be purchased.
Navman GPS 3450 Voice £160.85 £189.00
NavMan GPS 3450
The Complete Voice Enabled Navigation Solution for iPAQ™ Pocket PC

The GPS 3450 features increased GPS stability and faster start up times thanks to a new military specification timing crystal. The Navman GPS 3450 Satellite Receiver for iPAQ™ H3700, H3800 and H3900 series with SmartST™ Professional GPS Mapping Software for Western Europe, allows you to plan and track your journey from one city or town to another, or simply guide you from one location in a city to another with street level detail and instructions. In addition to knowing how to get to your destination, you will also know where you are with an accuracy of 5 metres 95% of the time. The powerful combination of Navman's GPS receiver, SmartPath GPS software and your iPAQ. Handheld means you can now navigate whilst in the car or out walking. Advanced power management results in 50% less power draw from the pocket PC resulting in extended operational time.