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AccessNFS Solutions


Bridge the gap between Windows® and UNIX with SSC's AccessNFS Product Suite.

In today's multivendor working environments, NFS support is essential.  AccessNFS Solutions were developed to meet the demanding needs of the corporate user in a mixed environment.. 

No one else has our breadth of experience in mixed platforms and hardware. AccessNFS Solutions allow you to integrate UNIX and Windows, protecting your existing hardware, software, and data investments, therefore reducing your support costs, system costs, and training time.

Y2K compliant
DiskAccess™ for Windows
SSC's premier NFS client

DiskAccess client/server diagram
If you need to integrate Windows 9x/NT/2000 systems into multivendor networks and access NFS-based file and print resources on UNIX and mainframe hosts, then you need DiskAccess™. DiskAccess is SSC's NFS client for the Windows environment.  You can connect to resources with drag-and-drop ease and manage file permissions from within Windows property sheets. Using Windows Explorer, Network Neighborhood, or File Manager, you can browse and connect to file systems and printers located on UNIX, Linux or other NFS systems.

With DiskAccess you can browse NFS resources without committing a drive letter, accessing network file systems only when you need them. Or you have the option of establishing a full-time link to your server. Browsed connections are mounted and unmounted automatically, and shortcuts to frequently accessed NFS folders or files can be added to the desktop. This approach makes accessing resources easier, reduces NFS server load, and improves overall network performance.

Features & Benefits

  • RPCInfo utility catalogs Remote Procedure Call activity to aid in identifying network problems 
  • ShowMount utility identifies exported file systems and access privileges 
  • Ping utility indicates if a network node is reachable 
  • DNS query identifies IP address and characteristics based on host name lookup 
  • PCNFSD and NIS support for security ensures that only authorized users and systems have access to networked resources and corporate data 

Windows NT Additional features

  • Packet-Smart™ tunes packet transmissions to individual server characteristics 
  • Supports multipart pathing for UNC mounts 
  • Supports object linking and embedding (OLE) 
  • Supports PCNFSD printing 

Windows 95/98 Additional features

  • Microsoft's native TCP/IP protocol stack streamlines VxD design for maximum compatibility and reliability 
  • Fully supports PCNFSD, LPR, and LPD printing 

Y2K compliant
DiskShare™ for Windows NT
ShafferSolutions' award-winning server product

DiskShare client/server diagram
If you have a Microsoft Windows NT/2000 workstation or server and you need to share files with UNIX or other non-Windows clients, SSC's award-winning DiskShare™ is the answer. It allows UNIX users network-based access to Windows NT files. DiskShare allows you to protect your existing hardware, software, and data investments, therefore reducing support costs, system costs, and implementation time.

DiskShare has many features that make it easy to use - including icons, object-oriented menus, and online help. It's the only server product on the market that provides NFS sharing directly from the Windows My Computer, File Manager, or Explorer interfaces.

Features & Benefits

  • Supports FAT, NTFS, CDFS, and HPFS file systems 
  • Integrates fully with Windows NT security 
  • Integrates with Windows NT 3.51 and 4.0 
  • PCNFSD version 2 provides security and printing support for PC-based clients 
  • RPCInfo utility aids in identifying network problems 
  • ShowMount utility lists access to network file systems 
  • NFS version 3 protocol support speeds access to resources 
  • Includes port mapper (portmap), external data representation (xdr), mount protocol (mount), and network lock manager (nlm) 
  • Integration in the Windows NT Performance Monitor allows the system administrator to dynamically monitor and evaluate NFS server performance 
  • Includes support for Intel and Alpha-AXP processors 
  • Provides simple-to-use tuning options 

"If you want to provide NFS services on your Windows NT server, you'll want to use DiskShare to achieve the best possible performance."

AccessNFS Gateway
The superior NFS gateway for Windows NT/2000 integration

AccessNFS Gateway connectivity diagram
AccessNFS Gateway enables companies with a large Windows user base to purchase client seats depending on the number required to cover user demand at any given time.  This allows you to dramatically reduce disk, memory, and administration expenses associated with installing an NFS client on every node! 

With AccessNFS Gateway, a Windows NT Server attaches to file and print resources using the industry-standard NFS protocol, then reshares these devices with the Microsoft network as standard Windows networking SMB connections. Administrators gain centralized network control, and when it's time to upgrade, they need only update the server. Users gain easy, secure, and transparent access to NFS resources without learning new commands. Files remain on the NFS host system, so Windows and UNIX users gain access to files without duplicating data. Individual Windows user identities are mapped to NFS accounts as they are passed through the Gateway, ensuring security and maintaining file access privileges. 

With the ease and transparency of Gateway, SSC sets a new standard for integrating mixed networking environments. This Windows NT Server-based product is offered in configurations for 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, and unlimited user client seats - a flexible and cost-effective solution to your NFS client needs.  

Features & Benefits

  • Zero RAM NFS client access provides NFS access without the cost, administration, or time associated with installing an NFS client on every seat 
  • NFS account control dovetails with Windows NT Server/domain security, providing centralized control and eliminating the clear-text password transmissions common in PC NFS network environments 
  • Access to NFS resources allows clients of Windows NT Servers to have pass-through access to UNIX or other NFS-based file systems and print services 
  • Packet-Smart feature tunes packet transmissions to individual NFS server characteristics, dramatically reducing packet count on NFS transfers and improving performance on a server-by-server basis 
  • Runs at the most privileged CPU mode (ring 0), placing file processes at a level equal to native Windows NT file systems 
  • NFS access can be limited to the addresses of designated gateway servers so that the possibility of unauthorized system access to NFS data is greatly reduced 
  • Supports NFS version 3.0 and NFS version 2.0 protocols, allowing Windows clients to work simultaneously with differing NFS servers and at maximum performance levels 
  • Uses Microsoft's native TCP/IP protocol stack and utilities, ensuring quick installation, broad support for network adapters, and the fewest compatibility problems with third-party applications 

"Both (AccessNFS Gateway and DiskAccess) offer new and unique features in any combined UNIX-NT environment....Both are excellent choices for accommodating access to NFS servers."

"... AccessNFS Gateway [is] a must for Network File System sites.... unique AccessNFS Gateway eliminates the need for individual NFS client software. PC Week Labs recommends this product to any site that uses NFS."

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